Bergsland teaching availability —video, book, & seminarThis Bergsland teaching availability page shares my attempt to keep you abreast of my latest efforts in teaching. I’ve basically been a full-time teacher since 1991. This seems to be my primary call, spiritually. The best response comes from my teachings in font design, so far.

Bergsland teaching availability will change

This is the most active area of my life, at this point.

Font Design

For example, a few years back I was regularly doing Webinars for FontLab about font design. This resulted in my video coursework, Practical  Font Design,  on Udemy. But, more than that, I learned so much in the process that I completely rewrote my basic book on the process. It was released as Practical Font Design With FontLab 5 a while back. I don’t know if it will progress beyond this point or not.

Typography and book production

More recently, I completed a major revision of my book production training manual. It’s now called Book Production With InDesign CCAs I mention on that page, I would consider this the textbook for a six-credit offering in my digital publishing coursework [were I still teaching at a community college or business college].

I’ve released two video courses in this areaInDesign CC Book Production: Laying a solid foundation InDesign CC Book Production: Putting the book togetherSo far, the response has been good. But I have no leading at present about the future here.

Spiritual teaching

This is where my heart is. I’ve written several books in this general area. I have several more ideas. I’m seeking ideas for video coursework in this area also. There’s nothing I like better than Bible study. But I’m waiting on word to proceed.

All in all, I expect this portion of the site will grow the most

I have no idea what that means. Bergsland teaching availability is not in my control, but in the hands of my King. It’ll be exciting to see where He leads and blesses in the coming years.