Radiqx Press Christian publishing armWe have released many Biblical books, both non-fiction and fiction. And we expect this part of our ministry to increase. The Radiqx Press Christian publishing arm has moved to the Reality Calling site. This is the ministry portion of Bergsland Design. And, it’s a major thrust of Radiqx Press.

The Radiqx Press Christian publishing arm of Bergsland Design

This is where you’ll find my resources and book reviews for Christian authors and Christian speculative fiction. In addition to my books, Radiqx Press is accepting select manuscripts and publishing for a growing stable of non-fiction authors. My books are partially listed here.

The hope is that we will be able to help Christian authors who feel a call to write redemptive and spirit-filled fiction. We are accepting manuscripts for Christian speculative fiction also at this page. We have developed a rating system for Christian fiction. There are some marvelous books being written these days. Reality Calling is dedicated to helping those who feel this type of call on their lives.

As the time draws near for the Coming King, it behooves us to get ready. As those of you who know me realize, one of my favorite phrases is: Jesus is Lord, believe it or not! Below is a link to a bumper sticker to put wherever it will do the most good.


Or maybe a shirt would do it better for you.

But if you need it in plain English: here’s a

Jesus Is Lord, Believe It Or Not bumper sticker




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