Why InDesign is even less optional than it was

PDF and ePUB variants

Click to enlarge As you know, I am convinced that you are hurting your chances with your book if you do not use InDesign in the production process. This is even more true now that InDesign CC 2014 has added … Continue reading →

Books, even ebooks, need good tools (InDesign CS6)

No! You can’t do it in BBEdit or Word It all comes back to the print/ebook divide. That divide is only apparent to the book designers. For the readers, a book is a book. Ebooks are cheaper (or should be). … Continue reading →

Starting at the beginning: Document Setup…

This is the dialog box which opens when you choose New from the file menu or type Command+N. Many of the choices found in this dialog box are based on your experience. I’ll use my current choices, just so we … Continue reading →

What’s your niche? It determines your strategy

Niche writers to limited markets Here we begin to see the modern reality of publishing. The change is of the same type as we saw with the conversion in television from three, then four, gargantuan mass-market networks to the current … Continue reading →