My Christian non-fiction books vary widely. The one that sells the best is How to Teach the Bible. They are all a direct result of my forty years of experience in teaching weekly Bible studies. I have been teaching scripture since shortly after he met the Lord in 1974. Since that time I have taught a weekly Bible study or two almost every week. Teaching scripture is one of the loves of my life, and I never feel as alive as when I is sharing what the Holy Spirit gives me to teach. These spirit-filled non-fiction books are the result of that.

My Christian non-fiction books vary widely

The ones listed below are six of the books which have been released in print, ePUB, Kindle, and several are available as audiobooks, also. Here’s the link to David’s author page on Amazon. It has most of these, plus several straight evangelistic books for people who have just met the Lord—like Tapping Into Christian Power Daily which is meant as an evangelistic tool for Episcopalians.

Here are the titles & covers. You can click on the cover to go the the landing page of the book. They are all available in print, PDF, ePUB, and Kindle. Plus, all except Writing in Holiness, and Daily Deliverance are available as audio books.

Christian non-fiction: How to Teach the Bible — my best selling spiritual book An entertaining retail-style read on creationist and young-earth my view of what happened at the flood and what will happen at the Second Coming. Writing in Holiness presents the arguments writing books which are truly Christian—especially fiction. This is a discussion of how narrow the gate really is to enter into the Kingdom of God learning how to behave as the betrothed of JesusPractical tips for dealing with the needs of spiritual warfare in your daily life

The Easily Understanding Scripture series

I began with several verse-by-verse Bible studies—as that is the way I teach scripture in my Bible studies. They were called The Easily Understanding Scripture series. They are studies of Galatians, Philippians, and Timothy I & II.

A booklet for new believersTapping Into Christian Power Daily

In many traditional churches, the power is long gone. If you are one of the few that really care and you are looking for that empowerment, this little book will tell you how to access this dynamic power.

This is not meant to be nice, polite,
feel-good teaching to tickle your ears.
This is meant to slap you upside the head, get your attention, and let you know how much power is available for you to use in your daily walk with Jesus.
Walking in the Spirit is radical Christianity— allowing the presence of God to infuse your life.
This book is written by a man who has known the Lord in this radical manner since 1974. To me the Christian walk is life & death You either do it or you fry.
My goal is to help make sure you make it into the presence of God and that Jesus knows you when you drop your earth suit and head for the marriage supper of the Lamb.
It is really important! What could be worse (after going to church all your life) than having Jesus speak the words He warned of in Matthew 7?
“I don’t know you.”

If you read the passage in context, it is clear that he is talking to church members who never bothered to know Him intimately. Surely you want more than that.