Hackberry Font FoundryWelcome to the Hackberry Font Foundry. Most of the fonts are sold at several of the major font suppliers: MyFonts.comFontSpring, YouWorkForThem, & Monotype: fonts.com, and linotype.com. So, it makes sense to make the foundry a subset of my professional typography site: The Skilled Workman
Some font packages currently for sale on this site

Briskly: a handwritten script—released 9-2016

Bookish: A 4-font relaxed slab serif family—released 11-2016

Hackberry Font Foundry
has warm, comfortable fonts

Our focus is the easy production of Beautiful Typography

Producing readable OpenType Fonts that are designed
to be inviting to your readers.

Our font designs are a direct response to my career focus: typography, page layout, font usage, and readability. We continuously work to design new fonts that will work better and be more beautiful for book, magazine, and booklet design.

Here’s a link to the new release of the Librum Book Design Group on January 15, 2016. This is a collection of fifteen new fonts expressly designed to be used as a book design suite. They come with desktop, Web, and ebook licenses included [from this site and Gumroad, exclusively].

Our fonts are for sale on Bitstream: MyFonts.com, FontSpring, YouWorkForThem, & Monotype: fonts.com and linotype.com
We also have font packages for sale from this site only at Gumroad, which include desktop, Web, and ePUB licensing .

Our fonts are unique in offering only proportional numbers in three sets. This means, there are proportional lining (caps) figures, proportional oldstyle (lowercase) figures, and small cap figures in all our OpenType Pro fonts. Because, they are designed specifically for page layout in books, magazines, and newsletters. In addition, we offer an increasing set of discretionary ligatures, swashes, and alternative forms.  This can make your printed copy more elegant and good looking. However, OpenType features are not available on the Web our in ePUBs, yet.

As a result, Hackberry Font Foundry also offer several ASCII fonts (the basic 256-characters), In this way, we can include special built-in characters to use as bullets, and ornament. But always, we try to design weights that we actually need in our designs. However, that varies widely with the different type families, because it is dependent on the style.

If you need an ebook license or have any special font needs, let us know and we will be happy to help. Click here to ask.

This site is the only place that Web font and ePUB licenses are included free. Although, you will need to make a retail font purchase. So, if you see something you want on the other sites with the ePUB licensing, just ask. You’ll have to buy it here or on Gumroad to get it, though.



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