From time to time people want me to do things for them for which there is no page or button which is appropriate. This page is being set up to meet that need. It will be listed as a donation, as that is the only way PayPal will allow us to set up payments of a user-chosen amount for which there is no button or standard fee.

Please remember: Radiqx Press is a pseudonym of David Bergsland. This site is just part of his ministry online. There are no fictitious entities like corporations involved in any way. All payments are to be made to the sole proprietorship of David or Rev. Patricia Bergsland.

So, if you are purchasing something or paying for a service please click on the following button. Type in the amount and send it to my PayPal account David [at]

It will tell you that you are making a payment to Bergsland Design. This is another pseudonym. Hackberry Font Foundry is yet another. They are all me, David Bergsland, and my wife, Pastor Patricia.

Thank you for your business

If you must make a snail mail payment:

You need to be aware that it will add two weeks to the process. If we are just getting started, it will add two weeks before I can start work.

David Bergsland
314 Van Brunt Street
Mankato, Minnesota 56001


Random payments — 2 Comments

  1. HI, I am soon to publish my first book. My desire is to be compliant with the fonts used. I like your new font, Briskly. If I purchase it, am I allowed to use it on my book cover and in some internal locations?

    Thanks for your help!

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