Book shepherd, mentor, complex formatter

Now, in the second decade of 21st century, my life has changed.

Book production is what I do—unless I am writing. Increasingly, my focus is on helping authors to produce the print and ebook versions they need to self-publish. For the unique problems faced by Christian authors like myself, please check out Reality Calling.

The main thing is that publishing has radically changed. The actual publishing and distributing of the books is free, once you have the artwork ready to upload. You can still go the more traditional route—attempting to get your book into the brick and mortar stores. But for most authors, those venues are down the road a bit. As you begin, you need to get your book released so you can get working on your second book and begin the process of building a name for yourself. As your output develops and matures, you need to make sure it fits in with your plan.

My role varies depending upon your need. I can completely shepherd you through the entire process from concept to release. I can help with the marketing after release. As far as actual book production is concerned, I can prepare the book for you to publish, upload it for you, or teach you how to do it by mentoring you through the process with the use of my books. I’ve been working in publishing production since 1971. Since 2009 I have been writing, producing, and publishing full-time. If you choose me to help, my sharp focus will be on helping you do what you need to do to get your book published.

I received this testimony from an evangelist I have worked with for many years:

Thank you for all the great publishing work you have done for our ministry. You have helped us to produce professional-looking books and products that have been a blessing and benefit to many people. I have recommended your publishing service to a number of people and each one comes back with the same report—they are very happy with your work and have enjoyed working with you. You are doing a great job helping many of us to bring forth the vision that is within our hearts and out onto the printed page where it can be read and received into the hearts of men and women. It reminds me of the skilled workmen who God anointed in the Old Testament to craft the tabernacle and its instruments so that God could have a place to dwell among men. Likewise, God has anointed you as a skilled workman to craft books and materials that can bring forth the presence of God in this New Testament dispensation. You are truly an asset to the Body of Christ.

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